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            [Product name] Hydroxyethyl urea
            [CAS NO.]
            [Content] Type: QY-J60 humectant
            QY-J60 humectant is the product which can provide high-efficiency moisture effect for skin. This product can keep moisture through natural style, and increases skin elasticity. This product own wide PH application range.
            Product application:
            This product is generally used as humectant because of better moisture effects fro skin and eyes for care products including:
            1. Skincare products
            2. Bath products
            3. Hair care products
            4. Cleanser and soap
            5. Baby products
            6. Sunscreen products
            7. Cosmetics
            Typical characters:
            Appearance: colorless flavorless liquid
            Solid content(%): 50%;
            PH value: about 7.0;
            Storage/package: 25kg, 50kg, 200kg plastic drum. Store in cool and dry conditions.

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